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Avatar Consulting is pleased to provide access to our Webinar series currently being presented in conjunction with Griffith University.

The Webinar series will assist those undertaking the Franchise Field Management Training Courses lectured by David Campbell, to gain an insight into some of the topics covered throughout the course and in addition, provide valuable resources to individuals operating within the Franchise industry.

We hope you enjoy these Webinar presentations.

Understanding Profitability in Franchise Businesses

  • 4 Forces Performance – how to get more from a Profit and Loss3.03

    Understanding a profit and loss statement can be challenging for small business owners. However, understating the 4 Forces of Business will simplify the interpretation of performance metrics.

  • Why Business Decision Speeds Effect the Sales Drivers3.12

    Without evidence or facts to support your target and plan objectives, uncertainty and disbelief can cloud your decision making losing fiscal awareness of the business. Many business owners develop performance perceptions without any real facts, some assume or even worse, others take a guess.

  • Breakeven the best kept secret3.02

    Knowing the formula for calculating the breakeven in business is one of the most underutilised and feared tools in business. Any wonder why the Breakeven segment is proving to be one of the most popular sessions in the Franchise Field Financial Management Training Program David Campbell delivers with the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchise Excellence, Griffith University.

  • Understanding Labour Efficiency and Productivity as a Key Profit Driver3.37

    Besides COGs and occupancy, labour is often a major cost for business. Effectively measuring labour performance has always proved challenging for business owners. However, three simple ratios will take the guess work out of this crucial profit driver.

  • What are Cash Drivers2.43

    Unfortunately, most small business owners struggle to calculate the necessary drivers and targets required in order to release the profit and cash required to fund their anticipated lifestyle. While some commentary suggests that going into business is all about the money it is more about what the money can deliver. Profit without cash flow and cash flow without profit are equally just as fatal.

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