In Conference.

"Memorable for all the right reasons".

With a passion for fast jets and numbers David Campbell pushes the performance envelope and takes you and your team on a journey into business metrics unlike anyone else. A critical area for every business and yet, one many fear given the varying scale of understanding and level of excitement number talking can invoke.

Bringing your group together in one place at one time is an excellent opportunity to create the commitment and energy necessary to drive strategy and direction forward. As well, conference provides a unique forum for all delegates to exchange best practice information and communicate one-on-one.

Avatar maximises outcomes through a clever blend of message and hands-on activities that allow delegates to transfer the conference programme into their own micro business plan for great take-home value that will have them keen to attend future events.

David Campbell, founder and director of Avatar Consulting, is a renowned public speaker throughout Australia and abroad. His speaking engagements are powerful, informative and practical in their approach providing a range of essential products and business systems to maximise performance, rewards and lifestyle.  Making the complex simple is something David has turned into an art form.

Through a series of key messages we reignite the passion to drive business performance.

The Four Forces of Business

Passenger or Pilot

The Power of 1+1+1

Life Balance

Really Three Plans

The Formula for Change

Avatar can tailor sessions to your wants and needs, or industry generic topics and workshops. From keynote speaking, facilitation of workshops or seminar presentations, Avatar is well credentialed to deliver a successful business event or conference.

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