In Command.

"Aims, goals, outcomes, destination to which one wishes to aspire or arrive at".

When business owners have complex journeys ahead that are challenging or even seem insurmountable, they often find it hard to ask for help. Business Command presents powerful and comprehensive business intelligence in group or individual environments developing visual targets to calculate the angle of attack required to release better rewards in business performance and lifestyle.

Experience suggests that with clearly defined targets, together with a full understanding of the business model plus the underpinning "Four Forces of Business", strategies and tactics can become easier to construct and execute either individually or through your team.

Avatar Consulting can provide the support to navigate your way to a successful journey through the Business Command program.


Business Command is a comprehensive business development package comprising a range of skill sets that can be targeted to your specific requirements either individually or in a team environment:

  • Performance trend analysis.
  • Four Forces assessment - sales, margin, costs and productivity.
  • Lifestyle and wealth building objectives. Business model - capacity and gap analysis.
  • Trajectory and performance targets.
  • Team tactics, actions and timelines.
  • Monthly business dashboard and scorecard.
  • Monthly performance reviews and action planning.
  • Detailed budgets and cash flow (enabling additional support from your accountants or banker).
  • Personnel performance reviews and incentive schemes.
  • Retail /service price matrix.
  • Employee handbook and HR processes.

Your support crew is ready and waiting to take your business to new heights in performance and rewards. Strap yourself in as Avatar Consulting puts you in the pilot seat and shows you how to take control of your business.

Your next tactical move, contact the business control tower.
It's time to be in command.

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