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"True Business Partnerships through best practice".

Looking for Performance. 

Avatar Consulting represents the pinnacle of market leadership through its exclusive Business Mapping Program (BMP). Business Mapping adds significant value and insight into understanding the Franchise or business model by monitoring financial and transactional performance, calculating group trends and defining best practice. 

Understanding financial and transactional performance of a business is often an area where many franchisees or business owners struggle. Often we do not fully understand the true business drivers and therefore, struggle to assemble and arrange the necessary numbers to safeguard the sustainability of the business. 

If you have the right facts and figures, improving the performance of your business can be a simple and straight forward process.

It's all in the numbers and they're all in BMP.

One of the many features of the Business Mapping Program is the depth of the information provided.

  • Financial and business process reporting, database, monitor and report delivery.
  • Quintile benchmarking and performance trend comparisons.
  • KPI financial and performance analysis.
  • Business model testing and validation.
  • Better risk profiling for franchisee recruitment.
  • Stronger and more valued field visit and support.
  • See where your business unit is ranked within its reference group.
  • What is the top quintile achieving? Where - how?
  • Is the business model(s) still releasing acceptable returns.
  • Did the LAM activities increase revenue. By how much?
  • Are you improving, YTD and monthly. Why?

Business Mapping is a unique way of delivering a benchmarking system with analysis and strategy. The clear parameters and the independent nature of BMP results in the establishment of true business partnerships. The results? a "Double Lift" in rewards for both the individual and the collective brand as a whole. 

By installing systems that track and measure information, a business is able to examine their overall performance model and look for areas of Weakness or Improvement. 

In an aircraft or racing car, this constant measuring and monitoring of performance is referred to as telemetry. It is considered to be a powerful tool in analysing and maximising performance by continual incremental improvement. We call it The Rule of 1+1+1.

To find out more on how the Business Mapping Program can assist your organisation find clarity in numbers and increase performance, download the 'Business Mapping Program'   information brochure now.
The Business Mapping Program

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