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In this section, Avatar shares some of the key learnings and valued insights shared by David Campbell in a world where numbers tell the real story.


You can also find a collection of fact below from recent Webinars, Workshops or Conferences.

Fact Sheets

The Webinar Fact Sheets collection form part of the resources available in the Franchise Field Financial Management Training course.  Therefore you will need the Avatar Access Code provided to download these Fact Sheets.

If you would like information on the course or upcoming Webinar details, click on the Griffith University link on Avatar's home page.

The collection of General Fact Sheets cover important topics business owners, Franchisors and Franchisees frequently raise at workshops and conferences David Campbell attends.  This collection is available for general download.

'Tracking and Driving Outcomes'
The final phase of the Planning Performance Cycle, having reviewed the business performance, determined the success dividend and then calculated the required performance targets is to have Franchisees execute their plan. .... read more

pdf Tracking and Driving Outcomes

'Change Engagement'
Engaging Franchisees to drive business development is about linking the potential gains to the lifestyle of the Franchisees. ... read more

pdf Engaging Franchisees

'Identifying and Understanding the Right Correction Drivers'
Having established where the business is now, the next step is to calculate where performance needs to be in order to deliver the required profit and cash flow required to meet both the business and Franchisee lifestyle requirements. ... read more

pdf Gap Analysis - Where

 '4 Steps to Maximising Franchisee Performance' 
The first steps in conducting any business analysis is to determine accurately where the business performance is currently, and where it has come from. ... read more

pdf Accurately Plotting Track History

'5 Early Warning Signs a Franchisee is in Trouble'

Cash Flow Analysis
It is important to clearly understand what demands or weaknesses will impact on the cash flow requirements of a Franchisee business which in turn impacts on the Franchisors business. ... read more

pdf Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Impacts

Recognising if the cash flow is sufficient to meet all business and dependent personal expenditure is critical in business survival. ... read more

pdf Cash Impacts

Cash Swing Factors
Inventory, creditors and debtors all impact on cash flow.  Being able to calculate the current impact is an important analytical tool. ... read more

pdf Cash Swing Factors

Keep on Target

In another fact sheet topic we explain the importance of understanding the cash flow requirements in a business. ... read more

pdf Keep on Target

General Fact Sheets

Profit Drivers - Understanding Profit Drivers
When setting targets for a business, individually or collectively as a group, it is imperative to be able to track performance monthly and by year to date (YTD). ... read more 

pdf Understanding Profit Drivers

Profit Drivers - Operating Expenses
In the Fact Sheet series "Understanding Profit Drivers" we focused on sales volume as one of the four profit drivers - another is Operating Expenses... read more

pdf Profit Drivers - Operating Expenses 

Profit Drivers - Margin
In the Fact Sheet series "Understanding Profit Drivers" we focussed on sales volume as one of the four profit drivers - the next is Margin. ... read more

pdf Profit Drivers - Margin


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